11 Common things that are 5 Centimeters long

In our daily life, we see a lot of things which are 5 centimeters long but how could you determine this length when you lack a ruler or any other measuring tool?

One effective approach is to rely on visualizing objects that are approximately 5 centimeters. Although estimation in these scenarios may lack precision still they contribute to forming a general idea of the desired length.

The length of 5 centimeters is equivalent to 1.9685 in or 0.05 m or 50mm.

11 Common things that are about 5 Centimeters long.

 Following is the list of 11 common things that measure approximately 5 centimeters in length. You can refer to these objects to gain a general understanding and estimate the desired length.

1. Pen Cap

Many people carry pens in their pockets, making the pen cap a readily available tool. While the average size of a pen cap is slightly over 5 cm, it can still serve as a useful gauge for objects around that size.

By comparing the length of the pen cap to other items, you can make a quick estimation of their dimensions, providing a convenient and accessible way to measure on the spot. So, the next time you need to assess something approximately 5 cm long, simply reach for your pen cap and make a quick comparison.

2. Index Finger

The human finger is divided into three parts: Distal, Middle, and Proximal. When focusing on the Index Finger (First Finger), the Middle and Proximal parts are approximately 5 cm long. It’s important to note that hand sizes vary among individuals, but this measurement can still tell us how big is 5 centimeters.

It’s worth mentioning that the Distal part is slightly longer than the proximal, and when considering the first two parts (Distal and Middle), they collectively measure around 6 to 6.5 cm. Therefore, for more accurate estimation, it is recommended to base measurements on the last two parts of the Index Finger (Middle and Proximal).

3. Smartwatch Screen

Smartwatches have hundreds of uses and functions but there is a lesser-known capability that often goes unnoticed: they can serve as practical gauge tools for estimating the size of objects measuring approximately 5 cm. Smartwatches come in various models and are offered by different companies, resulting in a range of screen sizes. On average, the screen size of a smartwatch falls between 4 cm and 5 cm.

For Instance, the Apple Watch Ultra screen size is 1.92 inches which is equivalent to approximately 48.8 mm or 4.9 cm. This near 5 cm measurement provides a convenient reference point, allowing users to easily assess objects of similar dimensions.

4. Matchsticks

Matchsticks are primarily known for their use in lighting fires and are commonly found in kitchens for cooking purposes. However, they can also serve as a handy tool to estimate the size of objects measuring approximately 5 cm.

Although matchstick sizes may vary between different companies, the majority of household matchsticks measure around 48 mm or 4.8 cm, which is remarkably close to the 5 cm mark. This provides a convenient and quick reference point for understanding the size of various objects in our surroundings that are approximately 5 cm long.

5. Two Almonds

Almonds are not only delicious and nutritious but also surprisingly useful as a gauge tool for estimating the size of objects measuring around 5 cm. In addition to their role as a tasty snack, almonds can be employed to provide a quick reference for measurement.

With an average almond size of approximately 2.54 cm in length, aligning two almonds vertically yields an approximate length of 5.1 cm. This clever method allows us to visually grasp the size of various objects that are around 5 cm long, providing a practical and edible measurement tool.

6. Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards, commonly used for games like Poker and Go Fish, have likely been part of your gaming experiences at some point in your life. These cards can vary in size depending on the manufacturer, with most falling slightly larger or smaller than 6.1 centimeters. While this surpasses the 5 cm mark, holding or observing them can still provide a helpful reference.

However, it’s important to note that only standard-sized cards should be used for estimating 5 cm, as Index or Jumbo cards can measure around 12 or 25 cm respectively, significantly larger than the standard playing cards.

7. Standard Soda Can

Soda cans, much like other products, exhibit variations in sizes and dimensions across different companies and manufacturers. However, there exists a Standard US Can that serves as a reference point. This can typically hold 12 fluid ounces of liquid and has specific measurements.

The Standard US Can stand approximately 4.83 inches or 12.3 cm in height and has a lid diameter of 2.13 inches or 5.41 cm. By considering the lid diameter of this can, which is around 5 cm, one can effectively gauge the size of various objects in their surroundings. This makes it a valuable tool for quick and practical size estimations in everyday life.

8. Squash Ball

According to Forbes, Squash is the most healthiest sport in the world. It is an excellent sport known for its positive impact on mental and physical well-being. Unlike cricket or tennis balls, squash balls are smaller in size. However, they can still serve as a handy tool to tell us how big is 5 cm.

With an approximate diameter of 4 cm, squash balls provide a useful reference point for understanding the dimensions of objects measuring around 5 cm. So, even though they may be slightly smaller, squash balls offer a quick and convenient way to estimate the size of various items.

9. USB Flash Drive

When you find yourself in need of measuring an object but lack a proper measuring tool, a USB flash drive can come to the rescue. In such situations, it can serve as a practical alternative for estimating the length of objects that are approximately 5 cm long. USB flash drives are available in various sizes and differ among manufacturers and companies.

Typically, USB flash drives range from 2 to 2.5 inches in length, which is roughly equivalent to 5 to 7 cm. While they may not provide precise measurements, they offer a reliable reference point for gauging the size of objects, giving you a good idea of their dimensions.

10. Airpod Case

AirPods can also serve as a practical tool for estimating the size of objects measuring around 5 centimeters. Similar to other products, AirPods come in various sizes offered by different manufacturers and companies.

Taking Apple AirPods Generation 3 as an example, the case height measures precisely 1.83 inches (46.40 mm), which is approximately 4.6 cm. Additionally, the case width measures exactly 2.14 inches (54.40 mm), which is approximately 5.4 cm.

By considering both the height and width measurements, one can effectively gauge the size of objects that are approximately 5 cm in height. This makes AirPods a handy reference tool for quick size estimations.

11. Chess Piece (Pawn)

Chess, renowned as the greatest board game of all time, offers a stimulating challenge for the mind. Among the various chess pieces—Queen, King, Bishops, Knights, Rooks, and Pawns—Pawns are considered the smallest and weakest. While chess pieces come in different sizes, let’s consider the FIDE standard for reference.

In FIDE Chess tournaments, the Pawn’s size is precisely 5 centimeters in length. This standardized measurement provides a reliable point of reference for objects that measure approximately 5 cm. By visualizing the Pawn’s size on the chessboard, one can quickly grasp the dimensions of various items in their surroundings. Thus, the Pawn in FIDE tournaments serves as a useful gauge for estimating the size of objects measuring around 5 cm.


In our exploration of 11 common things that are 5 centimeters long we have discovered an array of everyday objects and natural wonders that often go unnoticed. From Eatable things like Almonds and Soda to Digital things like Airpods, USB Flash Drive, and Smartwatch, these tiny entities remind us of the intricate details and hidden treasures that exist all around us. So, the next time you encounter something measuring just centimeters long, take a moment to appreciate its charm and significance.

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